Scrap Yard Near Newton NJ

Posted: November 15, 2020

Scrap Yard Near Newton, NJ – Rockaway Recycling

Rockaway Recycling is a Scrap Yard Near Newton NJ paying cash for copper wire, copper pipe, and other scrap metals. When you need the scrap metal prices for the Newton NJ area go to our scrap metal pricing page.

Todays’ Current Scrap Prices

(Last Modified: December 1st, 2022, 4:50 pm)
Metal/MaterialCurrent Price
Brass (Plumbing, Pipe) $1.90/lb
Insulated Cable $2.40/lb
Cast Iron $150-$200/GT

Current Scrap Metal Prices at Rockaway Recycling

Since 1977 Rockaway Recycling has been buying all types of scrap metal from the Newton NJ area. If you are looking for the scrap metal prices in Newton NJ call Rockaway Recycling at 1 800 317 JUNK (5865) or go to our pricing page. Here you will find dozens of different prices on scrap metals that we buy. Some example of scrap metal that we buy:

At Rockaway Recycling we want to be the scrap yard near Newton NJ that you turn to when you have scrap metal to sell. If you need the scrap metal prices for Newton NJ or need to learn about scrap metal we can help. Rockaway Recycling is a scrap metal yard less then 25 minutes from Newton NJ. If you need a scrap yard located less then 20 miles from Newton NJ, Rockaway Recycling wants to buy your scrap metal for cash. If you are an electrician that is looking to cash in some bare bright copper or steel scrap near Newton NJ, give Rockaway Recycling a call. We work with plumbers near Newton NJ to buy their scrap brass, lead, and old copper pipe that they rip out from job sites as well.

If you are doing large steel scrap jobs in the Newton NJ area Rockaway Recycling can provide dumpsters for your steel scrap in Newton NJ. Rockaway Recycling offers container service for scrap metal in the Newton, NJ area and all of Northern New Jersey. If you need special equipment or trucks to complete a job, let us know by contacting us online or give us a call. We will make sure to bring the right equipment and tools to get the job done. We offer various sizes of containers for scrap metal in Newton, NJ for all materials like, steel, iron, aluminum, copper, wire, cable, stainless steel, and more.

If you are working on any construction or demolition sites in the North New Jersey area or for Sussex County scrap metal, you can contact Rockaway Recycling. We can deliver our roll-off containers to your job sites in the area. When we collect your scrap metal from your job site, we will bring it back to our facility to be weighed and emptied. As a contractor you are allowed to follow our trucks to our facility to ensure our honest scrap metal recycling.

You can be paid for your materials at our facility or you can request to receive a check in the mail 3-5 business days afterwards. If you are contractor needing to get rid of scrap metal in Newton NJ, Rockaway Recycling wants to buy your scrap metal for cash. We can help you sort your materials when you arrive at our facility. If you have questions about the types of materials that we accept, you can view them all on our website along with current prices.

Scrap Yard Near Newton NJ You can learn more about scrap metal by going to our YouTube Channel. Here you will see videos on taking apart different scrap metals to make more more. You can also see what types of materials that we buy at Rockaway Recycling. As a scrap yard near Newton NJ that has been working with the public since 1977, we look forward to earning your business. We want to be the scrap yard that you turn to to sell your different types of scrap metals year round. If you have large projects or jobs call us and we will get you containers and dumpsters to fill your material with.

Rockaway Recycling is only about 30 minutes from Newton, NJ and is easily found by getting off the Rockaway exit off of Rt. 80 or directly off of Rt. 46. For full directions from Sussex County and Newton to Rockaway Recycling check our directions on our website. The next time that you need a scrap yard near Newton NJ call Rockaway Recycling. Our team looks forward to earning your business.

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