May 2013: Scrap Copper Prices

Posted: May 8, 2013


Good Wednesday Morning Scrappers!It looks like the scrap overlords have started to look kindly upon us again. With the copper prices go up on 5/7/13 and 5/8/13, it is started to reflect on the scale at Rockaway Recycling.

Here are some of Today’s Scrap Metal Prices for MAy 8, 2013:

Bare Bright Copper Wire- $2.95 per lb.
Copper Tubing- $2.52-2.72 per lb.
Brass- $1.65-$1.95 per lb.
Aluminum- $0.40-$0.65 per lb.

If you are looking a longer list of the updated scrap copper prices, check out our Daily Pricing Page or call our toll free number, 1.800.317.JUNK (5865) and talk to our of our team members.

Looking forward to seeing you down at Rockaway Recycling soon!

Tom Buechel,

Owner, Rockaway Recycling