April 19, 2013 Scrap Copper Prices Falling

Posted: April 19, 2013

Good Morning Scrappers,
Today is Friday April 19, 2013 and the copper prices are continuing to fall. With a great problem arising in China with a low GDP growth and more concerns coming, this trend may continue.
Copper, Nickel, Iron, and Gold have taken a large hit lately and have fallen to the lowest levels since 2011. With no real end in sight I won’t be surprised to see the scrap copper prices dip down even more. 
Many people like to ask me if I know what the scrap copper prices in 2013 will be doing, but it is not something that I can put my finger on anymore. There used to be trends that the market would follow, but all of those have been pushed to the wayside lately. 
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Tom Buechel,
Owner, Rockaway Recycling