On the search for scrap copper

Posted: December 9, 2013

Copper is one of the best types of metals to have in the
scrap industry. With it being one of the highest priced non-ferrous material, it is a
good thing to know where you can find it and what to do with it to make the
most money from it.

So where do you find scrap copper?

Plumbing projects at home or for customers:
Many plumbers are switching to PVC piping to reduce the chances of frozen pipes and reduce costs although many still continue to use copper piping. Water heaters also have a
copper content, although we pay a separate amount for those. Taking apart a water heater is always profitable…they can be cumbersome to take apart and would most likely be a waste of time. We pay a set price per unit for Water Heaters.

Home Remodeling Projects:
You can find copper and other scrap metal when adding an entirely new floor to
a home or upgrading a bathroom or kitchen. Home remodel projects especially in
places like the kitchen and bathroom usually include new appliances or
fixtures. Your old ones could earn you that extra money that you need for your
remodel. You can also recycle electrical wire, and piping discarded during a
project. Another type of copper you can find during home renovations is roofing copper. This kind of copper may be underneath shingles or out in the open for decoration. Another metal you can find on roofing is aluminum gutters.

Garage Sales & Thrift stores:
Many times people need to get rid of their stuff and they want it gone fast and can’t take the time to recycle what they can, instead they just sell it
for a super low price. Browsing through sales like this during the weekends can
pay off. You just have to keep your eyes open and stay focused on what you
really want; scrap metal.
Craigslist & the local Penny Saver:
Check your local newspaper articles and also online on sites like Craigslist.
Many people that do not have the time to get rid of their own junk just post it
up for anyone to grab; a lot of the time for free. Picking up items like
appliances or just plain old scrap metal at people homes or businesses will
benefit you greatly. Take a good look at appliances when you are looking for
materials with copper. Air conditioners to washer and dryers, you can find a
good amount of copper if you take the time to take these apart.
That’s only to name a few of the many places to find copper
that is just waiting to be scrapped. Keep your mind and eyes open and you will
be able to find scrap copper and other scrap materials easily.


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