What’s Up With The Scrap Metal Market

Posted: October 9, 2015

steel prices are downWe have been telling customers for a long time that the market has been inflated and that prices are going to be crazy…and unfortunately we have been right.

Steel Prices Are Dropping

With the market demand across the world going down for steel it has begun to really affect all of the metal markets and we have to continue to watch out for our customers. With steel prices down so much you have to watch out for what you pick up and how much weight that you need to be able to get any money for steel.

There’s Still Scrap To Be Found

But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t still great scrap to find. You may be able to really get some good finds because of many of the loads of material will be left out and you can find electric motors, insulated copper wire…and the other big item that we have heard a lot about is the computer scrap that is all over.

With computer scrap you have a few things to look out for:

  • Computer Towers– They have great items that you can take apart inside. We highly recommend doing just that. You can make anywhere from 20-30% more money by taking them apart. You may have excess steel that you want to throw away, but you can bring it down and we will recycle it properly.
  • Laptops– These are being found more and more recently. With so many laptops out there from the early 2000’s you should be able to really find a lot of nice ones for scrap. Once upon a time they could be parted out…but with the small screws and gluttony of material out on the market right now it will be tough to really flip them easily.

We are always updating our prices online, and if you have questions you can do a few different things to get in touch with us.

  • Call us at 973.625.9560 and we will answer any pricing, material questions, or other scrap related info for you.
  • Email us through our Contact Page and you can not only upload pictures, but you can write a few short sentences to let us have a general idea about what you have.
  • Stop by!!! We love answering questions and if you have a sample of the material it is always great to see what you have and really get a good analysis on it. Here are the directions.

Anything else that you want to know, even explanations on how the scrap prices have gone down so low in 2015 please let us know and we will get you answers quickly.

Have Questions? Just Ask!

What’s Up With The Scrap Metal Market

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