Types Of Batteries For Scrap Metal

Posted: March 9, 2020

Hey Scrappers!

So lets talk some batteries I’ll start with the ones we DO BUY.

Types Of Scrap Batteries

  • Lead acid is the most common type it will usually have a “Pb” on the battery label.  These are from cars, boats, battery back ups, and motorcycles.
  • Lithium Ion is also a very common battery used in cell phones, small devices,  and various different types of power tools. These batteries will be marked on the back with Li-Ion.
  • Absolyte batteries are very common but not many people have access to them.  They are usually found in big battery back up units designed for large data centers.

Common Batteries We DO NOT Accept

Now for the types we don’t take make sure you check your batteries for these labels if they have any of these, Rockaway Recycling is not able to recycle them at this time.

  • Ni-Cd – Nickel Cadmium make sure you check your power tool batteries some will be nickel cadmium and some will be lithium ion.
  • Ni-MH – Nickel Metal Hydride
  • Alkaline Batteries – household batteries like; AA, AAA, D, & 9V.

When you have different types of batteries you want to recycle, if we do not accept them at our facility you can always contact your local municipality. They will be able to provide you with resources on how to properly dispose of them.

Have Questions About Scrap Batteries? Ask us!

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Types Of Batteries For Scrap Metal

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Types Of Batteries For Scrap Metal

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Types Of Batteries For Scrap Metal

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