Summer Scrapping Tips

Posted: June 25, 2020

We always have customers coming in during the summer looking for some ideas and tips on how to make more money with their scrap metal but it is not always the easiest thing to do…so let us help.

Scrapping Aluminum Grills

Some of the best places to look for scrap during the summer are the normal roads that you drive on. With so many aluminum grills being bought during the summer there are all kinds of scrap that you can find whether it be the old tools for the grill or lawn chairs…

Scrapping Aluminum Chairs & Tables

…which brings us to the next great point. Chairs and tables are one of the most bought and replaced summer items that homeowners and are great items to scrap. You have to look out for a few things when working with the chairs though…the fabric and plastic. You should always take these apart because you will make so much more money by doing so.

The fabric on the chairs will take your scrap prices and slash the price by over 50%, sometimes more. The tables will often have steel attached to help weigh it down, or even glass in the middle where you would eat/serve the food. Make sure that you take those apart as well.

Can You Scrap Kegs & Cans?

Maybe during the summer, you enjoy a cool beverage…if that is the case you will have some extra cans and maybe kegs laying around. While it may be very tempting to scrap them as is, the kegs are almost always better to return instead of scrap because the deposit fee is so high on them.

Scrap Your Air Conditioners

One VERY popular item that you want to look out for is air conditioners. Air conditioners are one of the best profit items that you can find when you have the time to take them apart. You will be able to make 3-5 times more money by taking them apart and selling them for the parts inside.

Other ideas for summer scrapping? While you are inside the air conditioning check out some of our YouTube Videos. We have all types of tips and suggestions on how you can sort and separate your material to really cash in on what you have.

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Summer Scrapping Tips

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Summer Scrapping Tips

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Summer Scrapping Tips

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Summer Scrapping Tips

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Summer Scrapping Tips

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