Scrapping Carbide & Tungsten: What To Know

Posted: July 31, 2019

Hey guys, Sean back with a little bit more scrap info. Everyone knows the basic scrap metals but we’re going to to discuss rare metals and hit on a certain one.

Rare Stainless Steel Products & Alloys

Theres a lot of variations of rare stainless steel products such as inconel, hastelloy, moly and so on but were going to touch on carbide and tungsten.

We Buy Carbide Nationwide

Scrapping Carbide & Tungsten

Carbide PricesCarbide and tungsten can be pretty high in prices on the scrap market. It’s expensive to buy the precision products and with that the return for scrap isn’t so bad either, generally a couple bucks per pound.

Most yards will break out their metal analyzer to get an accurate composition of the metal to determine pricing. We do that here at Rockaway Recycling, so you can be sure that we will show you the results of the metal analysis. Some have just a carbide tip on a steel bit, others are inserts for types of machining tools and others can be pure carbide drill bits.

Where Is It Found?

The carbide and other tungsten products are generally found in machine shops and drill press equipment. If unsure of the material the easy way to test is to dangle a magnet near the metal and there should be a slight pull towards it, not to strong. A common mistake is often made with high speed steel (HSS) which has a strong pull as common steel/iron does. The HSS also is usually stamped with those letters, which can help you identify it.

DSC_0496Hopefully this information is deemed useful for determining your carbide and tungsten scrap products. Scrap on and scouts out.

~ Sean




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Scrapping Carbide & Tungsten: What To Know

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Scrapping Carbide & Tungsten: What To Know

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Scrapping Carbide & Tungsten: What To Know

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Scrapping Carbide & Tungsten: What To Know


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