Scrap Prices Are Recovering Slowly

Posted: September 9, 2015

CopperWelcome back ladies and gents. Whats scrappening??!! I’m sure a lot of the avid scrappers out there are displeased with the scrap prices lately, as are we. But don’t worry, remain hopeful and keep scrapping. I’m sure you’ve all noticed the falling prices but be aware this is simply a rough patch in the scrap world.

Good Scrap Price & Market News

With a steady decline in prices over the past few months I’m sure the news I’m about to give will cheer you up. Today the market prices took a little jump up (roughly 10 cents). So if you’re as hopeful as we are that this will be a continuing trend. As hopeful as that the prices will climb to where they were a few years ago. Almost 4.00 a pound for bare bright copper was the highest I’ve ever seen and you never know, they could get back there some time soon.

Keep These Things In Mind When You Visit

During this low point there a couple things to keep in mind. Prices change and so does the demand for cleaner and better organized materials. A few examples to follow:

  • Sheet aluminum is not as lax as it once was so be sure to bust the wood arm rests off your beach chairs and remove all vinyl and ALL fabric as well.
  • Remove all steel, brass and spray coatings from the stainless steel sinks in order to get the clean SS price
  • All other stainless steel products must also be free of foreign materials. SS being one of the most scrupulous materials
  • And last but not least the insulated wire. CAT 5, CAT 6 and multi pair phone wire are still all good but it’s the stuff mixed in which is the problem. Mostly being items labeled as computer wires such as the ribbon cables and other small wires located throughout the inside of the computer and attached to the mother boards. Reason being the small recovery of copper from them so do yourself a favor and keep separate to keep your whole load from being downgraded.

Thanks again for tuning in and hopefully this post proved helpful. Keep on rocking in the free world. Scouts out!

seanHappy Scrapping!

~ Sean ~




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Scrap Prices Are Recovering Slowly

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Scrap Prices Are Recovering Slowly

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