Scrap in the Spring

Posted: April 1, 2016

We love the Winter. We love the Summer…we love the Fall…wait, where is the Spring in all of that? Well, if we love those other three seasons we are SUPER OVER THE MOON in love with the Spring.

With the weather breaking after the winter (although the winter of 2016 was not too bad snow wise), it is great to finally see the temperatures rising and the scrap starting to flow a little more. Recently we posted a few blogs about our new website, but we are SO excited for it to have been released. We worked very hard on it over a six month period and even though we knew that the prices of scrap were lower the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 we wanted to make sure to add a lot of great new features for it.

Spring Time Weather ScrappingIMG_3154

With the Spring weather here, our new site up and running, and the prices of scrap copper and steel finally increasing we are hoping to see a lot of new faces down at our yard. We know that a lot of the markets have been tough, but we have tried to do our best to educate our customers to see where the market is now, where it is headed, and how to get the most out of what you have scrap wise.

Best Tips for Scrapping This Time of Year

Some advice that we have given our customers recently down at Rockaway Recycling has been heavily focused around insulated wire scrap and how to sort and separate it properly. Some of our tips have been put on YouTube and others you can ask us when you come down to our yard so you can learn how to do it and what to do.

Wondering What’s Out There?

Asking any of the Team at Rockaway Recycling is always one of the smartest things to do so that we can really dig in and get all of your answers to you. It is not easy to figure out all of the different types of wires, grading on copper, or anything other type of scrap, so talkingĀ a bit will always help you figure out what and how to do things.

For years we have lived and worked by the phrase, “Fair Weight, Fair Price.” Nothing has changed recently and we don’t plan on changing going forward. We want to get things done quickly, efficiently, but more importantly, correctly. We want to grow each and everyday, week, month, year, and by working with our customers we are able to do just that.