Rock 4 Kids Fundraiser Kicks Off

Posted: May 7, 2013



(Valid Starting June 22, 2013)

Rockaway Recycling is excited to start and introduce a new fundraiser we will be hosting during our semi-annual Customer Appreciation BBQ’s throughout the year. Rock 4 Kids will be the fundraiser through Rockaway Recycling that will be benefiting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Twice a year Rockaway Recycling has hosted Customer Appreciation BBQ’s and helped raise over $10,000 so far for St. Jude.

Rock4KidsThis year, Rockaway Recycling sets it’s eyes on raising that much money in one event on Saturday, June 22, 2013 from 7am-noon. Rockaway Recycling will host their spring/summer BBQ at their location 311 West Main St, Rockaway, NJ 07866. All scrap metal recyclers are invited to attend the event and enjoy some food and drinks. We will be having burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, and more and for every item consumed Rockaway Recycling will be donating $1 to St. Jude.

Customers will have the ability to make an extra buck that day by bringing their Customer Appreciation Coupon with them for an extra $0.10 per pound on certain items when weighing up at the scale. You will be able to earn a lot of extra dough while helping a great cause, as Rockaway Recycling will be donating some of the day’s profits to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

We will also be handing our Rock 4 Kids shirts to customers who bring over $100 worth of scrap to the facility that day. With our local businesses sponsoring us, we will look to raise awareness and a good portion of our proceeds to St. Jude from the event. You are invited to join us for some scrapping and eating. Leave the rest up to us, just bring your scrap and an empty stomach! Save the date and be sure to PRINT YOUR COUPON.

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