Recycling During The Holidays

Posted: December 11, 2012

We all know that during the holiday season it seems we spend too much money or green but it is all well worth it to make everything “happen”. Santa’s presents, feasts for the family, decorations for inside the house, outside the house, and even the car, eggnog, trees, travel fares…the list can go on and on.
While you are dishing out the green why not make some green at the same time! Bring in broken Christmas Lights for $0.25/lb. or any of the other materials that we take to add to your recycling during the Holidays.
We wanted to have some fun and list some things that may be reflecting the color of green to remind you of what you are spending the season or making if you come into Rockaway Recycling today.

recycling during the holidays

  • Christmas Tree, how can we not list this
  • The Grinch, we all have that feeling at one point during the holidays
  • Ugly Sweater, we all had/have one that we despise
  • Garland and Lights, we all have to put up the festive lights
  • Mistletoe, does anyone still find their loved one under there?
  • Money, the inside of your wallet before the holidays or after you come to Rockaway Recycling
  • Jello Mold, that no one eats, maybe the name mold means something
  • Old Fruit Cake, why do people continue to make these
  • Cookies, why don’t we make more of them
  • Grass, if you don’t have a white Christmas
Happy Holidays and Happy Recycling During the Holidays!

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