Mongo Prices In NJ – Copper Wire & Scrap Metal

Posted: July 29, 2015

mongo scrap pricesWe know that there are all types of mongo rip outs in the New Jersey area and Rockaway Recycling is ready to work with you on the site to buy them all. Whether you are ripping out 750 MCM or copper Cat 5 wiring the team at Rockaway Recycling is ready to help you cash in all of your mongo rip outs.

Copper Wire & Mongo Prices Updated Daily

With the copper prices always going all over the map we are constantly updating our prices online every single day. We have a few dozen prices that get updated daily and that should make it easy to be able to get a good idea on what is going on with the market and when it is a good time to cash in your mongo rip outs on the job sites.

(Last Modified: December 13th, 2019, 8:09 am)
Metal/MaterialCurrent Price
Insulated Cable $1.52/lb
Copper Transformers $0.08-$0.25/lb
Small Electric Motors $0.10-$0.15/lb

Current Scrap Metal Prices at Rockaway Recycling

If you take the time to strip the copper you will always make more money, but sometimes when you are doing large rip outs you want to just take the cash quickly so you can get the mongo wire out of the way quick and easy. Our trucks bring dumpsters, plastic bins, laundry baskets, and whatever else you need onto the job site so you will be able to quickly load and get paid for your scrap copper and scrap metals.

Some different types of mongo & scrap metal we buy:

750 MCM Cable 500 MCM Cable 400 MCM Cable 250 MCM Cable
THHN Copper Wire 10/12 Gauge Wire Cat 5 and Cat 6 Data Wire MC Wire (Aluminum and Steel)
Copper Pipe Brass Fittings Brass Pipe Bronze Scrap

Our guys will come onto your job with locking containers that you can store the material in, as well as with bins that you can move the mongo copper wire around in. If you are looking to find out more about the prices of copper and all of the different types of mongo just call us at 973.625.9560 or email us through our contact form.

The guys down at Rockaway Recycling have been working all over the Tri-State area with local union electricians, plumbers, pipe fitters, and general contractors to buy their scrap metals. The next job that you have where there is a lot of mongo getting ripped out just call the team at Rockaway Recycling and we will be on site to take care of all of your scrap metal needs.

Have questions? Feel free to contact us below with them.

Mongo Prices In NJ – Copper Wire & Scrap Metal

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Mongo Prices In NJ – Copper Wire & Scrap Metal


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Mongo Prices In NJ – Copper Wire & Scrap Metal


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Mongo Prices In NJ – Copper Wire & Scrap Metal

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Mongo Prices In NJ – Copper Wire & Scrap Metal

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