Misconceptions of Scrap Metals

Posted: April 23, 2015

Hey ho lets go…scrappin’ that is.  Sean here again and today we’re going to talk about a little scrap info and misconceptions. There’s a lot of material out there and I’m going to help give you a better idea of how to prepare your metals.


First and foremost we’ll start out with copper. There are 3 general classifications; number 1, number 2 and number 3. Number 1 being either stripped copper cable (ex: 750MCM) or clean copper pipe.  So get out the sawzalls and pipe cutters and get those soldered fittings off.Number 2 being any pipe with fittings, paint, solder, oil lines or tinned copper cable. Number 3 being used/weathered roof flashing.  You can improve your number 3 by removing any heavy tar or galvanized nails.scrap #2 copper tubing


Onto the brass. Try and remove any heavy steel or iron handles from the shut off valves if present. Also, there is a good amount of bronze in the plumbing world but also some stipulations when it comes to scrap. The way to tell the difference between brass and bronze is the color. Standard brass is a very yellow color and bronze being a sort of rusty red color.  We here at “The Rock” require any bronze to be free of foreign material (ex: steel handles, rubber gaskets or plastic stoppers). So if you have the means to process the bronze materials I would suggest it for a nice price bump on the material.

scrap metal brass

Catalytic Converters

As far as misconceptions go, there are quite a few. I’m only going to name a few for the sake of time and reading. First is with catalytic converters. A lot of people think taking the platinum out gets them more cash. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. The shape of the converter itself tells us the make of the item which therefor determines price so loose material is a flat rate for it generally looks all the same.

catalytic converters


Another being TV’s or monitors. There is very little metal in them so there’s no big value. And last but not least is the recyclables most scrap yards do not accept. For most people they see the word “recycling” in a company’s name and think they can bring all recyclables. Scrap yards are in the business to both recycle metal and for a profit obviously. That means the papers, bottles, plastics and other recyclables should go to your local municipal yard.

Hope to see you guys soon at “The Rock” and hopefully this shed some light on scrappin’.

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