How To Winterize Your Car

Posted: November 5, 2020

Prepare your car for winter weatherWhats up scrappers!

Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays. Happy New Years goes out to all my scrappers out there!

Suddenly it has become winter. In honor of the winter I’m going to give you some tips on something I spend a lot of my time on and that’s car stuff.

How To Winterize Your Vehicle

  • Car Battery – Probably the most common problem for winter. The cold weather is killer on the car battery, so make sure you go get it checked out to make sure it’s holding a charge for those cold morning starts.

  • Anti-Freeze – Make sure it is topped off and still good if it hasn’t been changed in the last 2 years make sure you have it flushed and replaced before the cold weather kicks in.

  • Brakes!! – Weather doesn’t matter you should always have good brakes! Make sure you have your brake pads checked if they are hissing or squeeling its time to have them checked!

  • Tires – Check the tread and keep an eye on the tire pressure, tires tend to lose air more easily in the colder weather. Make sure you have an all-season tire or a snow tire on your vehicle.

Some things I always carry in winter – ice scraper, snow brush, water and snacks (incase I get stuck somewhere) and a small shovel.

To all my friends out there with sports cars it looks like the time has come to put them away I hope you all enjoyed the bonus time we got to drive them around this season. Time to put them in the garage until spring.

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