Football, Falling Prices, & Wondering

Posted: September 1, 2015

falling scrap pricesWhat up scrappers!

I don’t know about you guys but I am PUMPED for football! I hope everyone had a good draft for their fantasy teams. Let’s go GMEN!

So the scrap prices are crap right now I know I feel your pain. Now it’s way more important to clean up and break down your materials. Why? Because more money that’s why. Make sure to check out the YouTube channel for a step by step breakdown on most of the material your going to come across. If the video you’re looking for isn’t there make sure to shoot us an email and we will get it up there for you.

How long until the price comes back up?

How long should I hold my material for?

These have been two questions that I have been asked over and over the last two months. I have no idea when the prices will come back and if I did I would be a very rich man.

As far as holding material I always advise people to get rid of material as fast as possible. Why? Because you never know where the prices are going to go in this unstable market.

Happy Scrapping!

~ Joe ~




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Football, Falling Prices, & Wondering

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Football, Falling Prices, & Wondering

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Football, Falling Prices, & Wondering

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Football, Falling Prices, & Wondering

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Football, Falling Prices, & Wondering

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