Finding Scrap Metal for Cash

Posted: January 25, 2013

finding scrap metal for cashDo you see our posts everywhere about all these different metals like copper wire, brass piping, aluminum siding, etc. and have no idea what those materials are? Unless you are an electrician, plumber, roofer, or contractor you may never come across these material for scrap.


We can help you make some CA$H by recycling some items that may be laying around in your basement, garage, or storage shed. All you need is a magnet (it can be one from right off your refrigerator!) and you can start finding scrap metal for cash.

If it sticks to a piece of metal it is steel and therefore can be recycled for about $0.07/lb. If it doesn’t stick, you could be in luck, as it is worth more money and could be one of these items! Check out our magnet test here.

Look around, do you see any old pots or pans that you may not anymore but to wake the kids up in the morning? Those can be scrapped as stainless steel for around $0.52/lb.*

How about a broken aluminum door or window? We take those for about $0.53/lb.* (just make sure the glass is removed).

finding scrap metal for cashWith all of the crazy weather we have had, maybe a gutter or piece of siding fell from your house? If so we take that for $0.57/lb.*

How about some extra keys or brass fittings you don’t need any more? We take those for about $1.70/lb.*

Had to replace a car battery in the middle of the winter? Don’t worry we take the old ones for around $0.25/lb.*

Still cleaning up from the holidays? We take Christmas lights for $0.20/lb.*

Have other material you are sure about? You can always give us a call or check our website for more information! Happy Scrapping and good luck finding scrap metal for cash!

*All of the prices listed are as of 1/25/13. Management reserves the right to change prices at any time due to current market conditions*

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