Find Average Scrap Prices Online

Posted: April 26, 2016

For years we have been listing our prices on our website to help customers know what where the prices on dozens of scrap metals are and hopefully to learn what other metals that they can sell are. Since 2006, when we first listed our scrap prices online and updated them daily we have been asked dozens of times about the previous prices and where todays scrap prices compare….so we answered the question.

View Average Scrap Prices Online

With our new page, dedicated to listing now only today’s current prices on dozens of metals that we are buying, but we are also listing the average price over the last 30-60 days. What does this mean for you? Well, a lot. Now you can go to a page, let’s take bare bright for instance.

Bare Bright Scrap Prices And Averages

When you go to the current page for bare bright you will see something like this (with different pricing of course). Let’s go over what you will be looking at and how it can help you learn more about the pricing on copper, or whatever metal it is that you are looking at.

Current Scrap Price Today

First thing that you will see the name of the metal and a picture of it so you can get a good idea on our quality and our classification of the metal. Under you will see today’s current price, that price is assuming that your material is clean and there are no problems with it.

Current Price for Bare Bright Copper Wire Scrap

30-Day Average Scrap Price

Under the current price you will see the average for the last 30 days of bare bright (or whatever metal you are viewing). This will give you a really good idea on how todays price stacks up against the last 30 day average and maybe give you an idea on whether to hold or to sell your metals.

30-Day Average Scrap Price for Bare Bright Copper Wire

Last 30 Days of Scrap Prices

Underneath that there will be a larger and more in-depth chart. This chart shows more then 30 days of information and lets you trace over each day to see where the prices were. This is our favorite tool because as the months and years progress there will be more and more data and hopefully you will get to learn about some of the trends in the market and this will help you overall.

30 Days of Scrap Prices for Bare Bright Copper

All of our price pages are structures this way including some other common metals:

So with the different prices on scrap metal now on our website for all to see it should make it much easier to learn about not only todays prices, but also the overall pricing for the last 30 days and even then some.

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Find Average Scrap Prices Online

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Find Average Scrap Prices Online


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Find Average Scrap Prices Online

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Find Average Scrap Prices Online

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