Down Prices Mean More Accurate Separating

Posted: October 13, 2015

This go around I’m here just to give you a few more tips and info on the today’s scrap. When prices are higher on the national market most yards and bulk buyers can be a little more lenient on most material but with the way things are now precision is key. All materials must be separated to near perfection and cleaned of foreign materials as best they can be. A lot of customers here are a little weary on this now because for the last few years the market was high and prices were good but now everyone’s starting to crack down a little.

As I stated in my last post stainless steel is becoming quite fickle and we have been receiving a lot of concerns with.

Cleaning Your Stainless Steel Sinks

First off the sinks must be nothing but stainless steel material. On the underside of the sink there is a steel flange and an epoxy type coating. Both must be removed for a “clean” stainless steel price. Also any brass faucets must be removed as well even though brass is a more expensive material being that the material is now a bi-metallic item. With any other stainless steel items all foreign materials should be cleaned off as well.

Cat 6 Copper Wire with “+” Sign On It

Another item that has been brought to my attention is the cat 6 cross wire. This is data wire with a plus sign (+) divider between strands on the inside. When you see it, it doesn’t seem like much but with the copper to plastic ratio in weight it cuts down on the copper recovery. And again the pickiness of the market this item is now bought a little lower than standard data/communication wire.

So keep your eyes peeled and inspect your material that way there’s no surprises at drop off and you get the most bang for your buck.

seanHappy Scrapping!

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Down Prices Mean More Accurate Separating

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Down Prices Mean More Accurate Separating

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Down Prices Mean More Accurate Separating

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Down Prices Mean More Accurate Separating

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Down Prices Mean More Accurate Separating

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