Copper Prices Have Been All Over

Posted: January 30, 2017

Welcome to 2017….the year of a new President, new opportunities…but hopefully you keep using Rockaway Recycling to sell your scrap too.

Where Have Copper Prices Been?

We have seen some crazy things over the years but the start to the copper prices in 2017 has been very welcome. We have seen the prices jump all month long and these are some of the best prices we have seen in a long time…and because of that we have seen many customers asking us to pick their materials up or drop off containers for them to load their scrap into.

We Can Handle Large Scrap Projects

With so many different different containers, trailers, bins, and boxes we have made a real effort to combine all of these things into one place on our pickups page. Here you will find the different materials that we buy as well as how we can pick them up.

Some customers like to bring their own scrap to our yard, but others are doing large projects and we want to make sure to keep their job sites moving right along by having our trucks doing the heavy lifting.

Our trucks are rated to some of the highest weights that you can have on the road and we can handle any and all types of demo projects, clean-outs, and anything else that you can throw at us (as long as it is not going to hit us…haha!).

Suggested: View Our Pick Up Services

We have multiple sized dumpsters ranging from 10 to 40 yard containers out of the wazoo for different jobs and for different applications. We have customers that use our 55 Gallon drums for turnings or cut offs, an other customers that like to have dumpsters onsite for the obsolete scraps that come out of job sites and from machine shops or office clean-outs.

We have a lot of customers who know what type of material that they have…but not how to prepare, store, and ship it…and that’s where we always can help. We will send someone to your job site, demo, or wherever it is to go over how we recommend getting your scrap ready to ship.

Questions…comments…concerns…whatever they may be just call us at 973.625.9560.

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Copper Prices Have Been All Over

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Copper Prices Have Been All Over

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Copper Prices Have Been All Over

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Copper Prices Have Been All Over

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Copper Prices Have Been All Over

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