2 Things To Avoid Spending Time On Scrapping

Posted: May 10, 2016

Welcome back scrappers to the Rockaway Recycling blog.  The recurring theme of low prices are here again. Today we’ll discuss how to not waste too much time preparing your scrap. With the low prices some things are almost a waste of time, at least in my opinion.

Don’t Waste Time on E-Scrap

scrap computer towerWe’ll go with E-scrap. If you are just an occasional recycler of PC equipment the breakdown is almost not worth the time. Granted the individual components are worth more separately but they just don’t weigh that much. Majority of the weight from a PC tower comes from the case itself while the individual components round up to about 6 pounds.

As for laptops the only valuable items or the board itself, the battery and the hard drive, therefore I wouldn’t consider dismantling. Moral of the story is if you only have a few I wouldn’t bother taking them apart but if you are a major recycler of quantity then yes dismantling would be encouraged.

Don’t Waste Time on TV’s

As far as TV’s, appliances and everything else with a simple printed circuit board I wouldn’t waste my time. They are generally low priced and a lot more hassle than its worth. One way to improve the scrap though is to cut the wires off the power supplies. It downgrades the supply itself but the copper wire is ultimately more valuable. We do not accept TV’s at our facility, therefore unless you are taking apart for the mentioned items, you should contact your local municipality for their recycling resources.

DSC_0496When In Doubt Think Of Time

Keep in mind how many hours you spend scrapping and estimate how valuable your time is in comparison to the current scrap prices. If you are spending too much time and not getting the return, it may be time to handle your scrap differently.

I hope this proves helpful and keep on scrappin’. Be sure to also check out our Facebook page for tips, price updates, events like our BBQ’s and more.

~ Sean

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