A123 Batteries

Photo of A123 Batteries



Found from electric vehicle, usually buses. Type of lithium ion battery.

A123 lithium ion batteries are commonly used in electric vehicles such as city buses and even some smaller electric trucks. These batteries are a special blend of materials and they can be recycled in a very quick and efficient manner through Rockaway Recycling.

Our team will be able to have the proper trucking pick these batteries up from your location and instruct you on how to have them prepared and even send pictures of what to do.

Types Of Vehicles That Use A123 Batteries:

  • Commercial Buses
  • Smaller electric cars
  • Commercial Vans

These batteries are high lasting and can charge relatively quickly when you need them to start moving and when they begin to wear out…let us buy them and recycle them for your properly.

We can do any job across the US or Canada and can buy these batteries correctly while transporting them in the correct methods.