A123 Batteries

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Found in electric vehicle, usually buses. Type of lithium ion battery.

A123 lithium ion batteries are commonly used in electric vehicles such as city buses and even some smaller electric trucks. These batteries are a special blend of materials and they can be recycled in a very quick and efficient manner through Rockaway Recycling.

Our team will be able to have the proper trucking pick these batteries up from your location and instruct you on how to have them prepared and even send pictures of what to do.

Types Of Vehicles That Use A123 Batteries:

  • Commercial Buses
  • Smaller electric cars
  • Commercial Vans

These batteries are high lasting and can charge relatively quickly when you need them to start moving and when they begin to wear out…let us buy them and recycle them for your properly.

We can do any job across the US or Canada and can buy these batteries correctly while transporting them in the correct methods.

Rockaway Recycling can dispose and recycle your A123 batteries for scrap value. We are knowledgeable in buying these batteries for scrap. If you are looking for a price quote for the scrap A123 Batteries we can help you, contact us below. The A123 batteries are often used in electric buses for their battery source.

What Makes A123 Batteries Valuable for Scrap?

These types of batteries are one of many that come out of electric vehicles such as buses. Many large cities across the US are using these electric buses to run their local transportation to cut down on emissions and to make it much quieter in the area….but using these batteries will mean that they will become run down and have the juice drained from them.

A123 Scrap BatteriesThese A123 Batteries are much different than earlier models of lithium ion batteries because their possibility to catch on fire is much less than many earlier models.

Common Places That A123 Batteries Are Used:

  • Transportation Sector like Buses
  • Smaller Transport Vehicles
  • Town/City Vehicles
  • Hobby Cars and Planes.
  • Passenger Cars

These A123 Batteries are being used for many reasons, one is because they can charge so quickly compared to older battery packs. The batteries themselves are also easier to switch out if there is a problem because they are normally used in battery packs or clusters, and each of these are part of a bigger system.

Recycling and selling these A123 batteries is not the easiest thing to do, but our team has been buying and recycling these since they were initially made and we can help your company or town out in any way possible.