Increasing Prices, Increases Theft

Posted: February 15, 2012

Scrap prices have been higher then the previous few months and that means you get to make more money when you come to Rockaway Recycling. Unfortunately that also means that scrap theft across the country has also increased a great deal.

To prevent buying stolen material, Rockaway Recycling is required by law to scan a copy of your valid driver’s license when you bring your scrap here. It also makes it easier for us to bring up your information in our system the next time you come to recycle your scrap metal.

Here are a few tips to prevent theft, when holding onto your scrap metal before bringing it in to Rockaway Recycling:

-Store it in a secure place. Like a basement, garage, shed, enclosed vehicle. Unfortunately people will climb into the back of pickup trucks to take material, so be smart where you store it.

-Don’t inform too many people what scrap material you have. Although you may tell someone you trust, they may tell someone else, who may tell someone else. When people are desperate they will do anything for money.

-Bring it to Rockaway Recycling (the scrap yard) as soon as you complete a job. On the move with the scrap metal in your truck or van? Bring it here on your way to your next job.

-If you have a large amount of material (2000+ lbs.), call us. We may pick it up for you at the location depending on the material and quantity. That way it is out of your hands without transporting it.

-If you don’t have a way to transport or store your material, call a friend up. They may be able to lend you their truck and you can give them a portion of your scrap metal earnings.

Always be careful what you do and where you store your scrap metal if you cannot make it to Rockaway Recycling right away. Although it may be junk to some, it may be dollar $igns to others!

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