Heat Wave! Scrapping Old Air Conditioners is Easy.

Posted: April 15, 2014

This past weekend we had an awesome heat wave. Knowing most people don’t enjoy the heat as much as I do, air conditioners always become a hot commodity in the late spring and summer.

While temperatures are still comfortable

many people are beginning to test their old air conditioners to make sure they still work. Air conditioners are a common item that get thrown away when they are actually worth money, even broken. At Rockaway Recycling we will accept your air conditioner units as a whole or separated into smaller scrap items.

Inside of an air conditioner you will be able to find scrappable materials like copper and aluminum that are worth the time to be recycled and reused. If you have the time it would be worth it to take apart your air conditioner and separate the copper from other materials like aluminum.

Besides the known copper and aluminum inside, there is also going to be an electric motor inside. That can either be scrapped as is, or you can take it apart and you will find a copper yoke inside that can be added to your copper pile.

When separating your materials, be sure to keep #2 copper separated from #1 copper. Even though they are the same materials #2 copper is dirty, therefore worth less money than #1 copper. Also be sure to have the Freon removed by a licensed Freon Removal Company. We under no circumstances can accept your air conditioner with freon still inside.

Keep an eye out for air conditioners in your travels and stay cool this summer. Remember, you can always find our updated scrap prices on our website.

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