COVID-19 Procedures at Rockaway Recycling

Posted: April 10, 2020

COVID-19 Operating Hours

All Rockaway Recycling customers MUST wear a mask while at Rockaway Recycling and maintain social distancing while here.

We reserve the right to refuse any customers if we feel they are ill or acting unsafely for our team members and other customers.

With this seemingly new world we are living in with COVID-19, Rockaway Recycling has always and especially now, puts the health and safety of our team and customers first.

We Are Working Hard To Get Back To Work

While we have been closed for a few weeks to help with social-distancing and flattening the curve, we have also been hard at work prepping our team for reopening our doors for customers. We are excited to start working with our customers again, so we are preparing our workspace and yard for opening our doors again in the upcoming weeks.

Below are some of the new procedures we are going to be instituting when we return to receiving material from the public. We are going to be sharing these new procedures with our customers and hope that they can follow suit along with our entire team. Together we can stay healthy and safe, while continuing to work.


New Procedures for COVID-19

  • Face Masks – ALL Customers are required by New Jersey law to wear masks when coming to Rockaway Recycling. We will refuse material and turn all customers away that do not abide by this state law.
  • Face Shields – All of our employees working out in the yard will now be required to be wearing face shields to protect themselves.
  • More Handwashing – Our team and employees have been instructed to increase handwashing and have been instructed on the proper way to do so.
  • Separation In Parking Lot – We are going to be setting up several different lines and directional arrows throughout the parking lot to maintain safe distances for everyone.
  • Bleach Cleaning Solution on Equipment – This will be something we are regularly maintaining during the day, with cleaning the ATMs, the carts, containers, signature pads, and other equipment that are often handled by both our customers and team.
  • Cleaning/Spraying Trucks & Forklifts – Along with the cleaning of our equipment, our drivers and forklift operators will be spraying and wiping down the forklifts and trucks throughout the day.
  • “Do Not Enter” Ropes on Bay Doors – Our doors will be equipped with new ropes to prevent customers or employees from entering specific areas.
  • Outside Signs – We will be posting new signs outside requesting and reminding customers that we are only going to be allowing 2 customers out at the scale at a time, which includes 6-feet or more in between them.

Rockaway Recycling is committed to following the laws, regulations, and procedures that the State of New Jersey is instituting during this time.

While Rockaway Recycling continues to work on setting up the best procedures for our employees and operations, we kindly request that all customers keep a safe distance from our team members and other customers. We also ask that you please follow our directions and guidance from our team while we navigate these new procedures together. Thank you.