Winter Time Scrapping

Posted: December 12, 2016

The winter time can be hard for small businesses in New Jersey. A common question we get when it snows is “Are you open?” and most of the time our answer is YES. If you are not sure whether or not we are open you can check out our Facebook or Google+ page or give us a call. You can also sign up for our newsletters. If anything happens from price changes to closings we will send out an email to let our customers know.

When times are slow we keep ourselves busy with the small projects we aren’t usually able to get to when we are busy. Projects like painting and cleaning up the shop are just the beginning. It is also a good opportunity for us to create more YouTube videos that will help our scrappers get more cash.

So what can YOU do when times are slow?

  • Slow times during the winter season means less scrap. Something you may want to consider if you are a Plumber, Electrician, Contractor or Scrapper is expanding your client list or contacting customers to maintain a relationship with them. Add to your existing list or start a new list of customers and reach out to introduce your services.
  • Get organized. Clean up your work area. We know you are busy throughout the year so times when it snows and business is slow clean up!
  • Separate and break down scrap you have laying around. Old computers, soldered piping and thick wires will be worth taking apart and preparing to be scrapped.

There is always something to do. With spring right around the corner, clean up and get prepared for busy season!