Copper for Eggs & Milk?

Posted: April 26, 2013

April showers bring May flowers…but the only thing that we have seen falling lately has been the price of copper. UGH. That one hurts. 

While the copper markets are still extremely higher, even what you factor in inflation, then they used to be, that doesn’t make it easier for some of our customers to see drastic price drops.

People continue to call and come to Rockaway Recycling and they ask what I think that the market is going to be doing…I answer with the same thing that I have said, and my Dad said for years…”If I knew that I would already be retired.” With so much inconsistency any more you have to know when to sell your copper scrap and when to hold your copper scrap. I prefer to sell as often as possible, why you ask?

Well, let’s put it into a real time situation. My wife asks me to buy bread, eggs, and milk at the grocery store, I go with a $20 bill and I walk out with my three items…new situation. I go in with 7 pounds of bare bright copper and go to pay for my groceries and they look at my like I have three heads. 

Cash in while you can. We know that many people work hard for the scrap that they produce, and we are not taking that away from you, but we also know that gambling doesn’t always pay off either.

Well, talk next week, have a great weekend!

Tom Buechel,

Owner, Rockaway Recycling