What Material do I have??

Posted: September 30, 2011

We often get calls during our busy days here at Rockaway Recycling asking what types of metals we buy, what type of metal the customer has and if it is worth anything or if we buy it. Our responses are usually the same most of the time. The customer can always check out our website with more information concerning the metals we take. When customers aren’t sure what type of metal they have we often tell them to take a Magnet Test.

-If the magnet DOES stick the material is steel and is worth very little, Rockaway Recycling will NOT buy it but instead will take it and recycle it properly. 
-If the magnet DOES NOT stick, the customer is in luck because the material is worth money and Rockaway Recycling most likely buys it.

Often times the customer then asks what type of metal it is, but at times it is difficult for us to determine what the material is over the phone. We suggest that the customer email us with a picture of the material or if you have smartphone, you can use the “What’s this?” feature on the iScrap App.

The iScrap App is a free mobile application that allows scrappers to locate scrap yards around them by also providing them with information about those scrap yards. Some of the features include prices, container requests, picture identification request, contact information and much more. The “What’s This?” feature allows the user to send a picture of a material in question to the selected scrap yard to find out more information about the material, including a possible price quote.

So if you have questions regarding a material you may have, before picking up the phone, put a MAGNET to it and follow the steps above. If you email us with questions or pictures we will get back to you within the day.

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