Valentine’s Day Scrapping!

Posted: February 8, 2012

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Just another excuse for Hallmark to sell some cards and keep flower shops in business!

Here at Rockaway Recycling, we won’t get all mushy on you with flowers, pink balloons or chocolates (although we love chocolate!). Instead we can hand you something that can get you all of those things and more: 

Don’t know what materials we take for scrap? No need to worry we have a full price list on our website and also show you how to scrap!
Have you recently worked on a large job and have scrap left over? Bring it here for cash and some of the best prices in North Jersey! 
Did a plumber or electrician come to your house recently to do some work? Ask to keep the old material from the repair and you can bring it in here for cash!
Either way, you can always check out our videos, website and social links for helpful scrapping tips to make more money for this Valentine’s Day and the gifts you need to buy!

Happy Scrapping!!

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