Types of Brass Scrap

Posted: September 27, 2013

At Rockaway Recycling we know that it is tough to learn the different types of brass scrap that you can cash in with. There is generally only a few types of brass scrap, and you have to make sure you know what you have.

Most of the brass that you will find is yellow brass. That includes most types of plumbing brass, and will have a yellow color when you scratch it. Most household items that are made of brass are also yellow brass.

Some household items that you will find made of brass are:
-Bed Frames
-Serving Trays
-Brass faucets
-Brass door handles
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At Rockaway Recycling we will teach you the difference between yellow and red brass also. Red brass has more copper in it, and we will pay you more money for it.

You have to make sure that you have it all clean, with no plastic, rubber, or steel in it.

The next time that you need to figure out the different types of brass scrap, let the team at Rockaway Recycling help teach you.

-Tom Buechel
Owner, Rockaway Recycling

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