Top 10 Metals to Scrap for Best Value

Posted: December 26, 2013

Entering the New Year, there are always bills and extra costs that we are worried about. After the holidays, it’s a great time to collect some of your leftover items from decorating and start looking for some good scrapping items to make extra money on.

  1. Copper Wire – Separating your copper wires and cables before bringing them in will help you make more money. Rockaway Recycling pays for various types of wires and cables all with different prices. If you aren’t sure what kind of copper wire you have, you can always just bring them in and we can help you separate them.
  2. Copper Pipe – One of the most important and easiest ways to make more money is to separate your copper pipes. Some pipes may still have brass fixtures and solder on them from the plumbing systems. We suggest separating your pipes before you come in that way you can make money on the #1 or #2 materials.
  3. Brass – Brass fixtures and pipes can come from various items and things. If you aren’t sure if you have brass or not, take a file and file down the metal. If the color is a yellowish tint, you have brass. If it is reddish it is most likely copper.
  4. Computers – While Rockaway Recycling doesn’t accept computer monitors, we do however accept desktop computer towers. We weigh them by the pound so just keep them separate and we will be sure to weigh them separately. We also accept laptops with or without the batteries.
  5. Computer Parts – If you are looking to make more money on computer parts you can take the hard drives, CPU’s, RAM boards, and motherboards out of computer towers. These items can be kept separate and will be weighed separate of each other at our facility. Also be sure to take the AL heat sinks out and put them in your aluminum pile.
  6. Aluminum – Whether you have gutters, siding, doors, or window frames, it is always going to make you more money at the scale when you ensure that the steel pieces and nails are removed. There can often be steel attachments to various types of aluminum pieces, so you want to make sure that you remove those so you can get the best price on your scrap aluminum.
  7. Stainless Steel – These can be a tricky metal if you aren’t sure what you have. Stainless steel can be found in many places, one of the most common being appliances and kitchen equipment. Make sure you check it with a magnet and if it doesn’t stick separate it from your other metals.
  8. Equipment – Do you have tractors, generators, chillers, HVAC units, and other items that you are looking to get rid of? Rockaway Recycling accepts all of those materials and sometimes we can even arrange pick up service for your metals. If you are looking to get a price estimate on some scrap equipment, give us a call today.
  9. Electric Motors – Many times electricians and contractors will come across motors from equipment and installations, be sure to separate these from your scrap metals to make some extra money. You don’t have to take them apart for the copper inside, Rockaway Recycling pays separate prices for your motors and the weight can add up quickly.
  10. Catalytic Converters – Rockaway Recycling accept many different types of auto parts for scrap, such as aluminum rims, rotors, whole cars, and batteries. We also accept catalytic converters for scrap and can handle all of your automobile scrap. When you are bringing in a catalytic converter it helps us to know the year, make, and model of the type of vehicle it is off of. This way we can give you the best price.

 – Virginia B.