Setting Up Our Website To Work Better

Posted: November 14, 2013

One of the things I really try to give a lot of thought and time to is our website. Rockaway Recycling’s website has been evolving every day. Recently I went through our information to make sure it is up to date and accurate. Providing our customers and visitors online a great place to find all of the information they need is important to me.

Going through our website I realized we need more helpful information for our new visitors on what we do and how you can go about scrapping you metal with us. There are new questions and answers on our FAQ’s page, as well as some clarification in some page about our pick up services, how-to videos, materials we accept, and more.

Our website is often the first-impression people have of Rockaway Recycling online, so I do my best to make sure all the right information is there and can be found easily. Updating our scrap metal prices everyday is a large part of our website and what we continue to emphasize to people. We take a lot of pride in our website and I’m happy to say that most people are happy with it.

If you have never scrapped in your life, scrapping can be a bit overwhelming and difficult to understand all of the materials and in’s and out’s of the industry. We try to make it simple and understandable for every to start scrapping and make money doing it. Be sure to walk through the various prices, pictures, videos, and more on our website. You can also connect with Rockaway Recycling through our various social media channels where we are always providing help too.

For those of your in the North New Jersey area, Rockaway Recycling is a easy to get to location in Rockaway, NJ. We are only a few minutes from Rt. 80 so you can always stop by. Bring your scrap along and we can help walk through the different materials and prices for your load. We will be sure to show you how to prepare the scrap before bringing it in and use the magnet test to separate your steel and iron from copper, wire, aluminum, stainless steel and more.

If you have any suggestions about how to improve Rockaway Recycling, feel free to contact us with your information.

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