Scrap With Rockaway Recycling

Posted: July 22, 2013

Rockaway Recycling is always looking to work with our customers. We know scrap Metal is something that people always look to cash in on. When you have scrap metal you want to be able to:

A) Be treated fairly
B) Get paid the most for your metals
C) Have Updated Prices Available
D) Be happy when you are done with the transaction.

At Rockaway Recycling our goal is to make sure that not only those 4 criteria are met, but to make sure that we exceed your expectations. Our team is held to a high standard because we know the abilities that we have to make things succeed and run smoothly.

When our customers come to our yard we want to be able to treat them as fair as possible and always ensure that they are going to be paid cash on the spot and make them feeling that they would want to come back immediately.

With our prices updated all of the time online, we always are adding more pictures and materials that we will be able to really share with our customers so they are happy with Rockaway Recycling.

If you have pictures, ideas, or questions about scrap metal we have a way to get a hold of us.

Pictures- What’s This Page
Questions- Contact Us
Ideas- Feedback Page

All of these are how we are able to take our yard to the next level and never be satisfied but always looking for a way to grow.

Tom Buechel
Owner, Rockaway Recycling

Call us: 973-625-9560, For the Morris, Essex, Union, Hudson, Sussex, Passaic, Somerset, and other New Jersey Counties visit us here:

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