Scrap Metal Finds During Spring Cleaning

Posted: April 8, 2014

Spring is here and the temperatures are finally rising, so that means it’s time to start going through everything that’s accumulated in your garage and home throughout the winter. With cleaning usually comes “garbage;” but is it really all junk? There are many things that people throw away that could actually earn them some extra spending cash.

Air Conditioners – They break, it happens; but that doesn’t mean they have to go in the garbage! There is copper, electric motors, steel, and aluminum inside that you can earn some extra dollars with. If you have 3 or more taking them apart could be helpful. You can see videos on how to make more money from air conditioner units on our YouTube page.

Electronics – Something we all love to replace when new models come out. You could probably find a good amount of electronics with electric motors inside that can be scrapped. Things like computers can be scrapped whole if you don’t have the time to take them apart, (we do not accept monitors). You can bring those to a town recycling center so they are properly disposed of. You can find the prices we pay for computer parts here. Things like leaf blowers, snow blowers and chainsaws will have motors and other metal pieces inside. If you have enough, take apart your electronics for the electric motors and wires. “Enough” usually means about 5 or more medium sized items.

Car Parts – If you’re good with cars and can fix your own, you might have some spare wheel weights or other parts like catalytic converters or aluminum weeks sitting in the garage. Bring them down and we will pay you for them!

Those are just to name a few items you can scrap. There are many different things you can find throughout your home that can be scrapped instead of trashed. Be cautious when throwing away things, you could be throwing away money!

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