Scrap Metal Challenge

Posted: May 28, 2013

With the Summer here, we are ready to help show you how to make more money with scrap metal. Our team members are going to be making scrap metal videos and we will be holding a competition in the month of June to see who has the most views and the best video.

Please email us at with any video ideas that you may want to see with scrap metal and we will be sure to get them made and up and running on our YouTube Page ASAP.

With our Daily Updated Prices on dozens of scrap metals, we always want to be able to show our customers how to make the most money with their scrap metal, and how to maximize on the materials that they work so hard to get. We want you to be able to see how we would like the material separated so  we are both able to have an easier and quicker transaction when you come to our scrap yard.

At Rockaway Recycling we look forward to showing you more ways to earn a few extra bucks on scrap metal, as well as making sure that you know how to maximize your Summer 2013 Scrap Metal Finds.

Tom Buechel
Owner, Rockaway Recycling