Scrap Metal BBQ

Posted: June 19, 2013

Good Morning to All, 

With our bi-annual Customer Appreciation Day BBQ on Saturday June 22nd, Rockaway Recycling is excited to see all of the customers that we do business with throughout the year. Many times companies overlook the reason that they are in business, their customers. We want to be able to show our customers that we are thankful for the opportunity to earn their business each and every time that they come to our scrap yard.

We are always trying to do things like the scrap metal bbq, post our Updated Scrap Metal Prices, and also try to work with them so they can learn about new materials. Our guys are always making new YouTube videos so we can have our customers learn about scrap metal bbq, scrap copper, our scrap yard, and other things scrap metal related. 

I always look forward to being able to shake many customers hands and see how they are doing at these events, and they are always something that is very special to me. Since 1977 my Dad and I have been able to work with the Tri-State area and beyond on scrap metal, and with our scrap metal bbq we hope to extend that to new customers.

Tom Buechel
Owner, Rockaway Recycling