Scrap Metal Air Conditioners

Posted: July 17, 2013

Hey Scrappers!

With July weather comes air conditioning season. While we never want your air conditioner to break or get old…we do want you to be able to find the air conditioners for scrap that other people threw out so you can bring them to Rockaway Recycling.

When I see an air conditioner, all I see is complete recycling to be done. When you look inside of an air conditioner you will see a lot of different things:

1) Aluminum & Copper Coil (sometimes they are just aluminum though).
2) Copper Pipe
3) Compressors (make sure ALL OIL IS DRAINED).
4) Electric Motors
5) Copper Wires
6) Steel Case (sometimes they are aluminum).
7) Brass fixtures.

When you look at all of those items it really is crazy to think that you can get all of those things from one piece of scrap…and when you get MULTIPLE Air Conditioners…the money piles up quicker.

Here are some prices for the scrap metal from air conditioners in July 2013:

1) Aluminum & Copper Coil- $1.25 per lb.
2) Copper Pipe- $2.37-2.57 per lb.
3) Compressors- $0.15 per lb.
4) Electric Motors- $ 0.22 per lb.
5) Copper Wires- $0.95 per lb.
6) Steel Case- $0.065 per lb.
7) Brass fixtures- $1.65 per lb.

When you are looking to get rid of your scrap air conditioners make sure to go to our website and our Daily Updated Prices so we will be able to help you make more money with your scrap metal.

Hope this helps! Happy Trails Scrappers!

Tom Buechel
Owner, Rockaway Recycling

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