Nothing A Fresh Coat Of Paint Can’t Fix

Posted: January 7, 2014

Here at Rockaway Recycling we always like to make sure that we have everything looking fresh and clean for our customers and for the appearance of our facility. Scrap yards are usually associated with junk piles and dirt lots, but at Rockaway Recycling we pride ourselves in keep a fresh, clean look.

While our facility is complete paved, we also make sure to blow our lots off from any nails, material pieces, and dirt to make sure we have a nail-free and dust-free lot for your to bring your scrap too. We know that having a nail in your tire can completely slow you down for the day, so we want to prevent that.

A few times a year we also make sure to put fresh coats of paint on our hoppers and racks. This allows you to see the weight of the containers when loading them with your materials and makes our process go much quicker. With the tares on the sides of the containers you can ensure that we are taking the correct tare off your material loads when you come to our facility.

Safety is also very important to our operation at Rockaway Recycling. With fresh coats of paints we will be able to see posts, containers, racks and more when moving around. This can also help our customers see the sides of our doors you can pull into when visiting. A few times a year we make sure to repaint the customer lines in our facility. These lines are to show customers where to stand to remain out of harm’s way and also to lead you to the ATM machine safely. If you have any questions about our safety procedures, please feel free to email us at

We look forward to seeing you at our facility soon with your scrap metal. For any questions feel free to contact us on our website or give us a call.

Scrap Ya Later!
Virginia B.
Rockaway Recycling