New Year Scrap Tips

Posted: December 27, 2013

As this year comes to an end Rockaway Recycling would like to wish you a Happy New Year! 

Starting a new year here’s some quick tips to help you earn more in 2014!

1. When it comes to computers, if you have a lot of them take them apart. There are valuable pieces inside each computer that will add up when you have more than one. 

2. Keep your metals separated. Always. When you mix Copper with Steel chances are you are going to make a lot less money than you would if you took an extra minute to separate them!

3. Strip it! If your wires are thicker than a pencil, strip off the casing to get to the good stuff! 

4. We take cell phones! Recycle them properly while making money! Just be sure to take the battery out first.

5. Use a magnet! If you are not sure what kind of metal you have, use a magnet! If the magnet sticks, then the material is steel and is worth very little but Rockaway Recycling will throw it into a steel dumpster to make sure that it is recycled the right way. If it does not stick then you are in luck, your scrap is worth money!

6. The first Saturday of every month we have a Saturday Special. Check it out. You can earn an extra $0.10 per pound on the chosen metal of the month!

That’s just to name a few, if you want to learn more about scrapping and see more tips check out our YouTube page.

Happy New Year!

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