Morning Sunrise at the Scrap Yard

Posted: January 30, 2014

Every morning is different here at Rockaway Recycling, that’s what makes it so exciting. There are always different challenges and jobs that come by, so we always have to be prepared. At Rockaway Recycling we always make sure that in the mornings our shop is prepared and clean for our first customer. During the week we open our doors at 7:30am and on Saturdays we open at 7am.

If you are looking to get a quick start to your morning, you can always drop by with your load to drop off before heading out to jobs for the day. Our team is always prepared and ready for you to come by in the early morning hours. If you need us to ever get here a bit earlier than normal feel free to call us and ask if we can come a bit earlier to weigh you in before you head out. Same goes for staying late, if you think you are running later before we close, feel free to call us and see if we can stay for you.

To make you trip to Rockaway Recycling quicker and easier be sure to sort your materials before you get here. If you have a mixed load with steel or iron it is easy to sort the materials with a magnet. The steel and iron will stick to the magnet and you will be able to load one of our dumping hoppers (pictured above) with you ferrous materials. We have a 500lb. minimum on steel and iron loads. If you have any less, we can recycle it the right way for you.

For you non-ferrous materials, such as copper, brass, aluminum, and stainless steel be sure to separate them the best that you can. See below for some of the materials and items you should separate based on the type of metals you have:


– Bare Bright Copper
– #1 Copper Tubing
– #2 Copper Tubing
– Insulated Wire
– Insulated Cable
– Roofing Copper


– Plumbing Brass Fixtures
– Brass Pipes
– Bronze
– Brass Water Meters


– Gutters
– Windows
– Cast Aluminum
– Siding
– Ladders

These are some of the most common types of materials you will be finding when you are working on contracting jobs, electrical work, or plumbing jobs. If you have any questions about the materials you have or would like the current scrap metal prices here at Rockaway Recycling, feel free to check them out on our website.