Holiday scrapping

Posted: November 27, 2013

During holiday weeks, when times are slow we need to find
other things to do to keep us busy. With people generally taking the week off
of Thanksgiving and Christmas it gives us some time to clean up the shop. At Rockaway Recycling we
like to keep our guys busy and moving (especially in this cold weather)!
Some things we do during slow times include repainting
equipment, working on projects that have built up, and also learning new things
about scrap so that we can better ourselves for our customers. Our team works
hard so when customers like you come to us we can quickly get you in and out so
you can be on your way quickly.
Some plumbers, electricians and contractors come across slow
times during the winter. You may be unsure of what to do with yourself when you
are going through a slow business period. Some things we can suggest is to
check out some YouTube videos so that you can learn more about your materials
and how to make more money from them. Going more in depth with your scrap like
separating scrap materials, stripping wires, and cutting off soldered ends could earn you
more cash at the scrap yard.

During the winter season there are 2 things you want to be
on top of to make the most out of your working and scrapping experience;
vehicle maintenance and warmth.  Make
sure your gas tank stays about ½ full; tires are full of air and keep some
spare tools in your truck or car in case you come across a problem. To stay
warm, layer up! Have a hat and a pair of gloves handy at all times. Maybe sneak
an extra cup of coffee in to warm you up and give you an extra boost of energy.

Remember to stay thankful for what you do have, especially
during the holiday season. We want to thank our customers for helping us grow
as people and as a business for 36 years. Have a happy and relaxing

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