Scrap Metal Charity

Posted: March 18, 2013

Good Morning Scrap World!

My parents always told my sister and I to give back when you can, and we took that idea and put it into what we do at our scrap yard. So, we came up with our Charity of the Month, and this month we have chosen St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Customers are able to go to our Price Page to see what the current scrap metal prices are, and then we are able to make sure they make the most that they can.

We always want to be able to give back, and one way we do it is with our Saturday Specials. As long as customers bring in a coupon that we hand out and also email the first Saturday of each month, they will be able to make some extra bucks, and we will match it and send it to St. Jude’s.

Always check our News + Coupons Page to stay up-to-date with us!

Tom Buechel,
Owner, Rockaway Recycling