Finding Scrap Brass

Posted: January 10, 2014

Finding Brass to scrap is easy if you know where to look. With
brass being one of the higher paying scrap materials, finding scrap Brass in
New Jersey can be tricky. When you are
scrapping any type of metal it is important to think outside the box. One
important factor is maintaining relationships with small businesses. Also be
sure to keep an open mind, there are plenty of different materials that can be

A good place to start looking for scrap brass is going to be
within HVAC projects. Contact local business owners and contractors to offer
free pick up services and also hand out business cards to local supply shops.
Talk to a manager or owner about free removal of parts and materials they no
longer need like furnaces and water heaters or even small replacement parts
that they can not sell.
Craigslist is a very good place to find almost anything for free or a low price. Search through some ads and negotiate with people to make the most money from other peoples junk. Things like door knobs, brass plated silverware and plates and old bed frames will usually be made of brass. Again, keep your eyes peeled for anything else that can be scrapped. Anything that will have aluminum, copper, brass or steel can be scrapped for cash.
Finding brass shells at shooting ranges is easy with
approval from a manager. Contact local ranges to find a good time to come in,
usually before closing time or early in the morning. By offering to pick up
brass shells for free, you will be saving the ranges from paying additional
employees. Be sure to remove any primer on the brass shells before scrapping them. 

Dumpsters and local garbage cans can be a good place to find
brass scrap and other scrap materials. Before you start digging into piles of
goodies make sure you ask home owners and especially companies. Places like
pawn shops, repair shops, auto shops and appliance stores may be your best
choices for dumpster diving. Don’t forget to keep your mind open; things like
computer parts, wires and electronics can also get you money at the scrap yard.

When you have found enough brass to scrap, check out the
current scrap prices for the stuff that you have so you can get an estimated price on
how much you can get for the stuff you have collected. You can find our prices
on our website or give us a call. When you are looking for new ways to make more money from scrap, check out our Facebook and Youtube pages. When you bring your scrap brass to Rockaway Recycling to be scrapped, be sure to have your materials separated and have your valid ID ready. You will get a different price for brass shells, water meters, radiators and plumbing brass. Don’t forget to get permission when searching
for scrap brass and other scrap materials.  

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