Cool Scrap Brass Cash Register

Posted: May 19, 2014

Sometimes we get somethings in scrap that amaze even us. We get some half spools of wire sometimes, maybe a cool old toy, but recently we got something that we couldn’t even believe.

A National Cash Register from 1910. This beauty has a few rough spots, but overall is in really great shape and should be with the company for a long time. Not sure if we are going to use it or display it, but nonetheless it is a great piece for us to be able to look at and really admire.

National Brass Cash Register

The cash register is made mostly of brass and has a wood base and is realllly cool.

We will try to get a 360 degree video of it up on YouTube in the next few weeks so you will be able to see some of the really great details of it.

Any questions that you have one different types of brass, let us know what you are looking for and we will be able to get you the right answer.

Don’t forget that we are continuing to publish our brass prices and other scrap metal prices every morning through our website and through our mobile pages.

Thanks for tuning into the blog this week, looking forward to posting again soon!

-Tom Buechel
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