Sometimes Scrap Metal Doesn’t Matter

Posted: April 17, 2013

Many times I like to write about the market, where copper is heading, what is going on with steel and more. Today I want to talk about the city 250 miles away, Boston. 

While a New York sports fan and always have a “rivalry” with Boston fans, there is nothing that involves sports that would stop my heart from going out to the residents and the surrounding Bostonians. Life is too short and we unfortunately had to get a glimpse on Monday during Patriots Day that there are still bad people in the world that do things that are unexplainable.

When you see events like that take place your heart drops, you lose the words to describe how you feel, and you need answers. All of my concern is that the families and people that were affected by Monday’s event somehow are able to heal, never forget, but to heal and do more good into the world. 

The thoughts and prayers from my team at Rockaway Recycling are with the families in Boston.

Tom Buechel,

Owner, Rockaway Recycling