Family-Owned & Operated Since 1977

A Note From Tom Buechel, Owner

When I was a kid I remember the old sliding scales with removable counter weights and that was my first job. I got to put the heavier weights on the scale to help out when I was 4 or 5 years old. My payment for a Saturday of work? McDonald’s breakfast…I was the happiest kid you knew.

As time went on I started working with my Dad more and more and knew that I was starting to enjoy not only the physical work, but the customers that came to our yard.
I started having conversations that was more then talking about the weather or sports, and I got to know people and that is where the secret has been for our success since I took over back in 2007.
While I have another 20 years of work to do to catch my Dad, I know that over the last 10 years of working full time I have tried to have one goal…to keep the customers happy with our service and to grow the company in the right way, and I think that we are on our way in doing that.
I tell anyone that works with me at Rockaway Recycling that I have done any of the jobs that they have and I can tell them anything that they need to know on how to work smarter, how to advance, and how to work efficiently.
It has been an incredible idea that small businesses can help drive the community for so long, but for 40 years we have been able to work inside of the community and look to continue that same trend.

– Tom Buechel, Owner


A Note from Tom Buechel, Founder of Rockaway Recycling

founder of rockaway recyclingSnapshots of time are funny to view, especially when it is of an institution you have been a part of. As the founder of Rockaway Recycling and the dad of the owner I have especially warm feelings and a great interest in what takes place there. I recall my own start in an empty bay of a brand new building. No bailer, no shears, no equipment at all actually. One small Fairbanks scale, thats it.
The early years led to the buildup of used equipment, the early chain bailer, the first hydraulic press, another truck. Long grueling hours, now forgotten.
It’s ten years since Thomas, my son, took over. His energy, his zest for life and his ambitious drive have enabled the company to grow. I am very proud of his work ethic, I am overjoyed that he has been joined in this endeavor by my daughter Virginia Ann. Watching the two of my children working together has always been a goal that has finally happened.
Being privy to many of the long term aspirations of management has lead me to believe the company is on the verge of significant expansion primarily caused by their excellence of service and efficient business model.
Reflecting on where the company is going, it’s significant expansion and modernization have led it into the next phase of business growth and it is entirely possible it will become a major force in the proper recycling of surplus and waste.

A Look Throughout The Years