Cash For Scrap Metal? Thanks!

Posted: May 10, 2013

Good Morning New Jersey and New York & the rest of the East Coast Scrappers!

Today is Friday (TGIF!!!!) May 10, 2013 and I want to talk a little bit about where I think copper is going. I hope that it goes up…duh. But I think that if it stays at the level it is at right now that we could be A OK.

It is at a comfortable level where people won’t be holding on to it because:
1) Who doesn’t need cash?
2) Spring cleaning…don’t let your wives yell at you.
3) Cash Cash Cash.
4) When in doubt, refer to numbers 1 & 3.
5) Help everyone go more GREEN.

I always think that it is smart to cash out while you have material in your truck, car, or van Come down to Rockaway Recycling to get some of the highest prices around and ALWAYS leave our yard feeling happy and content.

You can go to our YouTube Page where we update many videos on making more money scrapping and from there you can make more cash when you come to Rockaway Recycling.

Have a great weekend!

Tom Buechel,
Owner, Rockaway Recycling