Best Places to Find Scrap Copper in New Jersey

Posted: January 3, 2023

Are you looking to scrap copper in the North New Jersey area? If you’re not a plumber or electrician, it can be difficult to come across copper on a regular basis. So below are some places you may want to keep an eye out for these items that can contain copper.

Electric Motors

Finding electric motors is easy, they are in almost every electrical item that you can scrap. Electric motors can come from lawn mowers, snow blowers, chainsaws, and more. They are also inside compressors or sealed units which can be found in AC units, refrigerators, and freezers. While it may not be worth your time to take electric motors apart for the copper inside if you only have a few, they are great items that can add up quickly in weight and have a good amount of copper so you can get paid a decent amount of money at the scale.


What do most electronics need? Power! That usually means that somewhere in those electronics there is some type of wire, which means there is copper inside those wires. Electronics like computers, laptops, fans, cell phone chargers, and more will all have some type of insulated copper wire inside of them. You can usually cut out the wire from the inside of the item and you can put those wires aside with your insulated copper pile. From a regular desktop computer you can usually pull out at least 2 to 3 pounds of insulated wire. Also be sure to cut the wires off any other items you are scrapping.

Decorative Items

Often times you can find copper plates and other items from decor that can be scrapped as #2 or #3 copper at Rockaway Recycling. Sometimes you will come across plates that are “silver” but are in fact coated copper plates. So if you have some odd items that could be a genuine silver plate or your think it is just a coated copper item, be sure to bring it in. We will be able to analyze the item for you and let you know exactly what kind of metal it is.


These are also found in various places that use electricity. Transformers can be as small as a quarter and as big as a truck. They vary in sizes but often times have copper inside. Be careful some transformers may have aluminum inside and should always be separated from the copper transformers. To check if you have copper transformer, take a metal file and file down to the center of the wire coils in the middle of the transformer. If it is a reddish color you are in luck and have copper. If it is silver color, it is aluminum and will pay a bit less at the scale.

Christmas Lights

Looking to de-decorate after the holidays? Or just get rid of those pesky lights? Christmas lights are insulated wires and have copper in them. So if you are looking to make some extra money on those broken lights, bring them into Rockaway Recycling. We take your Christmas lights all throughout the year so be sure to head into Rockaway and we will be able to weigh those up. Be sure to keep them separate from your other insulated wire and don’t worry about removing the plugs or lights.
If you are an electrician or plumber, it is common to come across copper from cables and plumbing systems, so be sure to separate your copper wires and pipes before heading into Rockaway Recycling and we will be sure to give you the best prices in the area. 
Electrician in the North New Jersey area? Be sure to check out our special electrician prices and print out the page to get the special prices at Rockaway Recycling. Don’t forget to bring in your business card to receive the electrician prices.
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We hope to see you in Rockaway Recycling soon with your copper scrap and other materials. As always be sure to check out current updated prices online and our operational hours.