5 Places To Find Copper Scrap

Posted: May 2, 2019

Copper is one of the highest paying scrap materials in the industry, even when the prices are low. You can find copper almost everywhere but if you need some direction, here are some places you can find copper metal that can be scrapped with us.

Remodeling/Demolition/Construction Projects – This could be tricky to get set up with this type of scrap recycling but if you do you will be set. Demolition projects usually entail some sort of copper scrap in bulk. A good source of copper from these types of jobs is from electrical wiring. You can also find large amounts of brass piping in construction projects so be on the look out!

Household plumbing – When your pipes burst during the winter season it may be a stressful situation. To see the best in it just think about the cash you will get with all of your broken brass and copper pipes. Ask your plumber if you can keep the broken pipes so that you can recycle them. You can also find copper pipes in heating sources like water heaters.

Garage Sales – It’s amazing what you can find from someone else’s junk. Most people don’t realize that what they are selling could be worth a good chunk of change. Home statues and home decor made of copper are something to keep an eye out for.

Home Appliances – There are many metals to ┬ábe scrapped inside of appliances like copper, brass, steel, aluminum and insulated wires. Instead of letting a company “haul away” your old appliances, take them apart and scrap them. Older appliances like refrigerators, washers and air conditioners may more scrap materials inside of them than newer models.

Old Electronics – If you have a large quantity of electronics it may be worth it to take them apart and strip the wiring. This task can be tedious so we recommend doing it only if you have a large amount.

With all of these locations of copper you’ll want to make sure that you know the price of each type of copper or other materials that you have found. Check out our website to find prices for all of the materials we accept. We update our prices daily so that you can know what to expect at the scale. You can also check out our YouTube channel to see videos of how to strip insulated wire and other tips you may want to use.

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